When the Iron Bird Flies

David Petit, husband of Tibetan Buddhist teacher Lama Tsultrim Allione and co-founder of Tara Mandala retreat center, died unexpectedly in the night during the summer of 2010 a month before his 55th birthday. Just a few weeks prior, filmmaker Victress Hitchcock spent time with David and Lama Tsultrim on the land at Tara Mandala, talking with them about their life together for a feature documentary on Tibetan Buddhism in the West. David’s sudden death left his family, friends, and sangha saddened yet deeply inspired by the depth of his practice and spiritual commitment. David’s spirit shines through in this intimate portrait, set in the glowing beauty of southernColorado. The film concludes with his open air cremation and the scattering of his ashes. For more information on the longer work-in-progress exploring Buddhism in the West, please visit www.chariotvideos.com/documentary/ironbird.html



THIS PRECIOUS LIFE: A Celebration of the Life & Passing of David Petit from Chariot Videos on Vimeo.