Poem from Retreat

Aspiration Prayer

Dakini Day, March 9, 2002
On Coming Out of One Year Retreat
by Tsultrim Allione

The primordially pure one who gives birth to phenomena,
Yet she has no intention
Free of form, yet encompassing all,
May the sacred bond with the Great Mother be fulfilled.

The inner glow burst forth and recognizes itself,
Imparting knowledge of the profound union of innate purity
And spontaneous manifestation.
May the sacred bond with the Great Mother’s emissary,
Prajna Paramita, be fulfilled.

In response to the cries and prayers of sentient beings,
Lost in the fog of their own projections,
Born from a tear of pure compassion,
Manifesting whenever she is invoked,
May the sacred bond with sublime Tara, be fulfilled.

You who are the treasure holders,
Revealing the perfect spiritual instructions, at the perfect moment,
in the perfect place, to the perfect assembly,
Held and supported by the khatvanga consort of Great Bliss,
May the sacred bond with the Lamas of mind-to-mind, symbolic and oral tranmissions be fulfilled.

You who display the luminous dance of the magical web,
Enhancing the depth of our practice and leading us to suitable outer, inner and secret places,
May the sacred bond with the wisdom dakinis, dispellers of obtacles, be fulfilled.

You who protect the sacred teachings and dedicated yogins, who act in accord with the dharma.
You who facilitate the enlightened activities of those who hold sacred the Nyingthig lineages,
May the sacred bond with the guardians and protectresses be fulfilled.
I confess my wavering faith and discursive thoughts that bond me to confusion within the
unimaginable primordially pure space.

E Ma Ho! Primordial union, primordial freedom, primordial wisdom,
the dimension, which is ever present – the heart realm of Great Bliss, fulfills the sacred bond!

May any merit accumulated by my desultory efforts in the mountain retreat of Tara Mandala,
benefit all beings that wander in confusion, not recognizing their own reflections, without one exception.

May the supreme ineffable blessings of the Lamas, Knowledge holders, Deities, Dakinis
and Protectors cause the dharma to take root in this country of great beauty and great confusion,
And through the blessings of true understanding
May all suffering cease and joy reign free!