MacAndrew Jack

He has broad clinical experience and exceptional training in a variety of settings including: university research clinics, hospital-based behavioral medicine, college counseling centers, inpatient treatment centers, emergency rooms, community based clinics, and private practice.  As a clinical fellow at Harvard Medical School, MacAndrew practiced depth-oriented psychotherapy with individuals through Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital’s outpatient psychiatry clinic and primary care division as well as focalized work with cardiovascular and pulmonary medicine patients. This training and experience has informed his development of compassionate, empirically supported approaches to helping individuals with trauma and anxiety, in particular.  He has published and presented nationally and internationally on mind-body connections in therapy, mindfulness and psychotherapy, and meditation training for counselors.  Recently, MacAndrew has served as a consultant for graduate counseling curriculum development and a national counseling needs assessment in Bhutan with the Royal University of Bhutan, where he was also a lecturer in different colleges.   He currently serves as Ambassador for the Royal University of Bhutan and associate professor of Naropa University’s Master’s in Contemplative Psychotherapy program, which he has chaired.