Nadine Nierika Keller

Nadine Nierika Keller is a Somatic Therapist specializing in intimacy, sexuality and spirituality. She holds a Masters in Somatic Psychology, is also a childbirth doula, Dakini, Initiated Priestess and Ordained Minister. She has circled and worked with women and couples for over 25 years. Nadine facilitates workshops, retreats and in depth immersions into the mysteries of the Sacred Feminine. Her work blends various modalities and traditions of East and West, Ancient and Modern, Spontaneous and Disciplined; including Hakomi, Mindfulness, Reiki, Bodywork, Holy Anointing, Shamanism and Esoteric Mysticism. Nadine is honored to be a spiritual midwife, guiding Souls through the many transitions of Life with ceremony and Rites of Passage; Birth, Menarche, Marriage and Death.  As a mother of two and partner in a 20-year marriage, she also brings a grounded foundation of “real life” love and commitment into all she does. Nadine is a co-steward of WisdomWomen’s Sacred Sexuality Visionary Council.


Events with Nadine Nierika Keller

WisdomWomen Visionary Gathering: Sacred Sexuality
September 7, 2018

WisdomWomen is a growing movement of women who believe it is time to look in a revolutionary new direction and build our world from a different paradigm. We are not asking whether or not this can be done. We are claiming that it is ours to do. Our 3rd annual…