Tara Mandala Herbs

About Tara Mandala Herbs:

Protected, Blessed Land — We plant and harvest with care in our organic gardens, and we carefully follow established guidelines for ethical wildcrafting to ensure that our beloved wild plant populations continue to thrive year after year. The natural healing qualities of the herbs are magnified by the deep retreats and ongoing meditation practice occurring at Tara Mandala.

Only Our Herbs — We use only local herbs, either from our land or from the nearby mountains. We do all of our gathering, tincturing, and formula making by hand and in small batches.

Strong, Pure — Our herbs are tinctured for a minimum of eight weeks and are undiluted. We make our formulas with purity of ingredients and intention, and the difference can be experienced immediately.

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In March of 2001 Tsultrim Allione, founder of Tara Mandala Buddhist Retreat Center, entered a year-long meditation retreat with a chronic lung condition. During this time, she was drawn to a native herb, sensing that it was medicine. Her research into the properties of the herb revealed it to be a lung tonic; she used it to create her own tea and tincture formulas. Her lung condition, which had persisted for 10 years, was completely cured.

When Tsultrim finished her retreat, she started to create herbal formulas for others. These formulas have successfully aided people with conditions ranging from weakened immune systems to life-threatening illnesses.

Tara Mandala is nestled in the wild beauty of the southern San Juan Mountains of Colorado. Residents of this contemplative center respectfully gather herbs on our 600 acres of meadows, gardens, and forested hills. Herbs are gathered from the neighboring National Forest mountains, as well.

21 Herbal Formulas … Herbs Infused With Awareness