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Live Webcast: Garland of Jewels (Rinchen Trengwa) Part I: Machig Labdrön’s Living Oral Lineage of Chöd

With Drubpön Lama Karma and Khandro Tsering Drolkar

April 21 - May 6, 2018

We are pleased to announce that we will offer online access to the Rinchen Trengwa (Garland of Jewels) retreat through video streaming to those who have received the Rinchen Trengwa Empowerment in Bhutan or elsewhere. The retreat will take place at Tara Mandala with Drubpön Lama Karma on April 21-May 6, 2018. Those who do not already have the empowerment must attend in person.

Those who do not already have the empowerment must attend in person. Click here to register for attending retreat in person. 

This retreat marks the landing of Machig Labdrön’s Oral Lineage (Kama) at Tara Mandala. Up until now, we have had Treasure (Terma) teachings only (Dzinpa Rangdröl, NNR Chöd, Khandro Gegyang, etc.). This means we will be receiving the actual historical lineage of Machig Labdrön. This comes to us through Rangjung Dorje the third Karmapa, Lama Tsultrim’s root lama who was the first to codify Machig’s teachings.

This is a very important moment in our history and for this reason, we have worked hard to make this retreat available over live stream. Usually, this practice cycle is taught in a one month long retreat format, but for our modern times and work/family schedules, we are offering it in two two-week retreats in 2018:

Rinchen Trengwa Part One: April 21 – May 6, 2018

Rinchen Trengwa Part Two: December 7 – 22, 2018

This registration is only for Part I.

Both retreats take place at Tara Mandala Retreat Center.


You must have received the Rinchen Trengwa Empowerment in person if you wish to attend the teachings online. If you have not received the empowerment, you need to attend in person at Tara Mandala.

Teacher Dana of $240-$280.

Follow this link to offer Dana:

Hope you can make it in person or virtually!

Registration for this live event will close April 17th. Please register before that date if you wish to attend.
After registering, you will receive an email from our registrar the week before the webcast with instructions and links for viewing.
Recordings of each live webcast will be available for a limited time. 


Drubpön Lama Karma
Venerable retreat master (drubpön) Lama Karma was born in eastern Bhutan and joined the Long-Nying Chöling Monastery at a young age. His root teacher was Lama Naljorpa, the great yogi of mahamudra and Dzogchen, from whom he received numerous vows, empowerments, instructions and oral transmissions, including the Chöd Rinchen Trengwa…
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Khandro Tsering Drolkar
Khandro Tsering Drolkar was born in Bumthang, Bhutan in 1963. In 1984 she began an eleven year retreat under the guidance of her consort Lama Naljorpa at the Phurpaling Retreat Center in Tashiyangtse. During Lama Naljorpa’s lifelong retreat there, she received many teachings and experiential trainings directly from him. She…
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