• Commuting – $600.00
  • Dorm Yurt, Men's – $720.00
  • Dorm Yurt, Women's – $720.00
  • Prajna Double – $1,240.00
  • Prajna Queen Double – $1,640.00
  • Prajna Queen Single – $2,080.00
  • Camping – $600.00

Date & Time Details: This retreat begins with a mandatory registration period from 2pm to 4pm on the first day and ends after lunch on the last day.

Location: Tara Mandala Retreat Center

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Endless Knot Padmasambhava Treasure Retreat

With Drubpön Lama Karma

June 27 - July 4, 2018

Drubpön Lama Karma has kindly agreed to grant the empowerment and instructions on an amazing recent treasure cycle revealed by the master Apang Terchen (1895-1945). Apang Terchen was one of the miraculously conceived sons of the famous treasure master Dudjom Lingpa. He also was the father of dakini treasure revealer Tare Lhamo (1938-2003). Apang Terchen was known to have miraculous powers, such as being able to directly pass through solid objects, and he revealed many precious treasure teachings.

One of the most profound treasures within these was the cycle of Padmasambhava guru yoga instruction called the Endless Knot: Profound Practice of the Seven Vajra Lines. Padgyal Lingpa, one of Apang Terchen’s students and Lama Karma’s own teachers, also revealed a treasure directly connected to this practice. This guru yoga cycle has three stages of practice including approach, accomplishment, and activities, culminating in the attainment of the deathless rainbow body. In addition to the empowerment and instructions, Lama Karma will share stories of Padmasambhava’s eight emanations, which play a vital role in connecting with the enlightened energy of Padmasambhava’s nature.

This retreat is open to all.

Suggested Dana: $240-$320



Drubpön Lama Karma
Venerable retreat master (drubpön) Lama Karma was born in eastern Bhutan and joined the Long-Nying Chöling Monastery at a young age. His root teacher was Lama Naljorpa, the great yogi of mahamudra and Dzogchen, from whom he received numerous vows, empowerments, instructions and oral transmissions, including the Chöd Rinchen Trengwa…
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