• Prajna Double – $1,240.00
  • Prajna Queen Double – $1,640.00
  • Prajna Queen Single – $2,080.00
  • Camping – $643.00
  • Temple Camping – $643.00

Date & Time Details: This retreat begins with a mandatory registration period from 2pm to 4pm on the first day and ends after lunch on the last day.

Location: Tara Mandala Retreat Center

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Queen of Great Bliss Dakini & Twenty-One Taras Equinox Retreat

With Drubpön Lama Karma

March 17 - 24, 2018

The retreat will begin with an empowerment of the Queen of Great Bliss Yeshe Tsogyal Wisdom Dakini from the Longchen Nyingthig Dzogchen treasure cycle revealed by Jigme Lingpa (1729-1798). In this practice we cultivate the ultimate primordial wisdom dakini of the universe from the perspectives of the practices of maha, anu, and ati yoga, which focus on the outer appearance of the deity, inner subtle energy and essences, and secret nature of the mind. Thus, the entire pure universe of the hundred peaceful and wrathful Dzogchen deities arises within the primordial wisdom dakini Yeshe Tsogyal.

With this as the basis for the retreat, we will then invoke the primordial wisdom aspects of each of the twenty-one Tara goddesses, three each day, over the course of the next week. This will culminate in a great feast celebration, in which we will seamlessly weave together all the blessings and power of the primordial wisdom dakinis and the twenty-one Tara goddesses into one mandala, and we will partake in the consecrated substances of accomplishment.

This retreat is open to all.

Suggested Dana: $240-$320


Drubpön Lama Karma
Venerable retreat master (drubpön) Lama Karma was born in eastern Bhutan and joined the Long-Nying Chöling Monastery at a young age. His root teacher was Lama Naljorpa, the great yogi of mahamudra and Dzogchen, from whom he received numerous vows, empowerments, instructions and oral transmissions, including the Chöd Rinchen Trengwa…
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