Opening the Heart Sutra

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In this new online program, Lama Tsultrim Allione teaches on the history and philosophical meaning of the Heart Sutra, the most widely beloved condensation of the Prajnaparamita literature. But despite its brevity and pithy nature, the Heart Sutra can be an easy source of confusion for those new to Mahayana philosophy. With the famous passage “Form is emptiness,
emptiness is form,” one might miss that within the clever wordplay is the very foundation of the Middle Way.

Lama Tsultrim says of this essential text, “Our heart is the core of our body. We can do without our arms and legs, and so on, but we can’t do without our heart. It’s said in Buddhist teachings that, at the time of death, the consciousness distills into the heart. This Heart Sutra is the core of the whole thing. You boil it down, and this is it.”

Opening the Heart

  • 2 hours of video teachings
  • Mp3 download of the teachings and The Heart
    Sutra read by Lama Tsultrim.
  • PDF download of the Heart Sutra (in English and
    in Tibetan).

Through guiding participants line-by-line through the sutra, program participants will receive a functional overview of Mahayana philosophy and gain deeper insight into the world of this treasured text.


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