2017 Double Matching Campaign

Time is running out to have your end of year donation double matched! There are 11 more days until our 2017 Double Matching Campaign is finished.

This summer, our goal for the Double Matching Campaign was set at $250,000 in funds raised for a double match total of $750,000 by December 31, 2017. Thanks to the extraordinary support of Sangha members and other friends of Tara Mandala, to date we have raised $442,000 in cash and in-kind donations, for a double matched total of $884,000. We are astounded by this generosity and this campaign’s success! Now just $58K is needed to reach $500K and to bring us to $1M in double matched funds. Incredible!

This momentum and the tremendous opportunity of the double match from our anonymous donor offers invaluable long term support to Tara Mandala’s mission in serving in the world. This additional funding allows us to offer what we initially deemed unreachable:


New programs, both on and offsite, including programs with Lama Karma from Bhutan.


New staffing opportunities to support these operations and projects.


Research projects that support and enhance our offerings.


Improved housing and solar for residents.


New equipment in the kitchen.


Improved housing and solar for residents.


New 4WD land vehicle.


Further necessary maintenance to the beautiful temple and buildings on the land. This includes plastering, pigment and sealing the walls of all three buildings, bringing them back to their original glory.

After Lama Tsultrim Allione’s Birthday celebrations in October, the Tara Mandala Board of Trustees were invigorated by their 2017 Fall Meeting and shared their vision for Tara Mandala’s future activities in serving the world effectively. They also discussed the importance of our donors, and the Double Matching Campaign’s ability to benefit society. Please enjoy the video below from our inspiring discussion with the Board. Or click here to view.

Tara Mandala Board of Trustees - Double Matching Campaign

Facebook Fundraiser:
Create One Today

Facebook Fundraiser: Create One Today

Creating your own Facebook fundraiser is a simple and fun way to contribute to our 2017 Double Matching Campaign. Every dollar that your fundraiser collects will be double-matched by our generous anonymous donor. The festive season is a perfect time to launch a fundraiser! It’s an opportunity to be creative and strengthen community, and offer your gifts in service to the Dharma. Remember our Double Matching Campaign ends Dec. 31, 2017, so please help us today to achieve our goal. To create a Facebook Fundraiser, click here. For how to create a Facebook Fundraiser, click here.

Ceiling Mandala Sponsorship
Liberation Through Seeing

Ceiling Mandala Sponsorship: Liberation Through Seeing

Lama Gyurme will paint 29 individual Dzogchen Mandalas that will be hung covering the entire ceiling of the Temple shrine room (Nirmanakaya). The choice of these particular mandalas was made with Tulku Sang-ngag Rinpoche’s guidance. These mandalas help fulfill Lama Tsultrim’s vision of the temple being truly a ‘liberation through seeing’ experience. All sponsorships made before Dec. 31 will be double-matched by our donor. You can also make a sponsorship with a group of people. To view the mandalas available for sponsorship, click here. For more information, click here.

2017 Upcoming Project: New solitary retreat cabins

2017 Upcoming Project: Two new solitary retreat cabins

Lama Tsultrim’s original vision for Tara Mandala was to be a place of deep retreat. Building solitary retreat cabins has always been an essential aspect in realizing this vision. Tara Mandala already has a handful of cabins available for anyone to book retreat, for any length of time. The addition of new cabins in 2018 greatly enhances our offering for those who wish to experience the transformative journey of solitary retreat, on our 700 acres of wild Colorado land.

2017 Upcoming Project: Feeding Your Demons® Clinical Trial.

2017 Upcoming Project: Feeding Your Demons® Clinical Trial.

This year we will begin to develop a scientific study of Feeding Your Demons® (FYD). Lopön Chandra Easton is spearheading the formation of a team of researchers to do this important and long awaited study. The practice of meditation became a “household” practice once scientific research discovered its health benefits. With effective research on FYD, may it also become a practice that benefits people from all walks of life, all over the world. Stay tuned!

List of projects the 2017 Double Matching Campaign will help fund:

• New residential housing and improvements to existing housing.
• New solitary retreat cabins.
• Water systems improvements including a reverse osmosis filtering system.
• A Feeding Your Demons® clinical trial.
• Cremation Ground feasibility analysis.
• Technology updates, including internet access projects.
• Long-term master plan development.
• Phase one of “Upaya” Residence Hall which will include more single rooms, treatment rooms for massage and acupuncture, and residential apartments.

Click here to view projects that last year’s gift contributed to.

How Can I Help?

There Are Two Main Avenues To Assist:

1. Make a one-time donation of $21, $108, $508, $1008 or more that will go to fund Capital projects which develop our infrastructure as described below.
2. Consider increasing your Sustaining Sangha membership by $7, $21, $54, or $108 per month to fuel Operations – the day-to-day functioning of the organization. Any amount helps us get to our goal of $750,000!

2016 Completed Project: Temple roof and balcony repairs.

2016 Completed Project: Repairs to the Temple roof and sealing of the floors.

Repairing the temple roof and sealing the balcony floors was highest priority for temple maintenance in 2017. Our largest concern was any water damage occurring inside the temple from any external deterioration that caused leaks. Repairing these items ensures the temple will require less maintenance in the future, and helps keep the temple a safe and comfortable place for practitioners and residents at Tara Mandala.

2016 Completed Project: Residential Cottage.

2016 Completed Project: Residential Cottage.

Year-round residents at Tara Mandala provide vital services to projects and communications with our Sangha members all over the world, and serve the host of retreatants that come here for deep transformational experiences. Providing living spaces for our residents is a way to show appreciation for their incredible efforts day in and day out, and is a necessity to life on the land, providing privacy and comfort, particularly during the Winter season! With the generous gifts from our 2016 matching campaign, we were able to build an additional residential cottage, which has been a very welcome addition to the Tara Mandala community!

List of projects the 2016 Matching Campaign contributed to:

• The building of an additional residential cottage.
• Repairs to the Temple roof and sealing of the floors.
• Installing Temple boilers for heating.
• Water System Improvement.


“Whenever there is a matching campaign you never know when you will get one of those again.” ~ Michele Nevarez, Tara Mandala Board Of Trustees.

“There’s no way for us as board members, staff members, or volunteers at Tara Mandala to actually serve society unless other people are giving us the opportunity to serve, and that’s the donors.” ~ David Lipsius, Tara Mandala Board Of Trustees.

“This is such an exciting and ‘feel good’ moment to donate, with each gift effectively being tripled. Over the last 10 years, I’ve experienced how the development of capital projects supports retreat and practice on so many levels, while sustaining the long term vision of Tara Mandala.” ~ Anna Raithel, Tara Mandala Board Of Trustees.

“I feel really excited about the double match this year, giving personally, and telling all of my friends, because it feels like a type of activism that we can do to really energetically transform what is going on in the world today.” ~ Bridget Bailey, Tara Mandala Board Of Trustees.

With 60% of our annual income coming from retreats and online programs, annual donations to Tara Mandala are the life-blood of the organization and directly support the daily dharma activity we so love and cherish.

Your generous contribution to this Double Matching Campaign is what allows Tara Mandala to be a year-round retreat center, a repository for wisdom literature, a center for translation, a beacon for the feminine in Buddhism, and a refuge for deep practice and transformation.

Thank you for considering a gift at this time.

With Blessings,
The Tara Mandala Family.