Other ways to Give

Donations designated for a specific use are also greatly appreciated. Over the past years, donors have supported projects including the original purchase of our land, the establishment of our water system, the building of the stupa, and the Evada Scholarship program.

Donating Appreciated Securities

Appreciated securities are any mutual funds, stocks, or bonds which have increased in value since you purchased them. When you sell appreciated securities, you owe capital gains tax. If you donate them to Tara Mandala, you can take their full current value as a tax deduction, and pay no capital gains tax. Tara Mandala can hold them or sell them for the full current value without paying tax.

Employer Match

Check with your employer, as some companies will match your donation.


Supporting Tara Mandala

Please contact accounts@taramandala.org or call 970-731-3711.
We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit religious organization.


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