Presenters – Michael Sheehy, Ph.D.

Michael Sheehy, Ph.D. is a scholar of Tibetan studies, Buddhism and contemplative literature. He is the Director of Programs at the Mind & Life Institute where he leads interdisciplinary dialogues and educational programs in contemplative sciences. Concurrently, Michael holds an Assistant Professor appointment in the Department of Religious Studies at the University of Virginia where he collaborates with the Contemplative Sciences Center and Tibet Center. In 2016, he was a Visiting Scholar in Tibetan Buddhism at Harvard Divinity School. Michael trained in monastic settings throughout Asia, including three years studying in a Buddhist monastery in the Golok region of far eastern Tibet. For eight years, Michael directed research at the Tibetan Buddhist Resource Center where he led initiatives to digitize rare manuscripts in Tibet and build an encyclopedic digital library of Tibetan literature. Together with Jonang exemplars, he co-founded the Jonang Foundation, an international nonprofit that preserves and promotes research on the little-known Jonang tradition of Tibetan Buddhism. Michael’s writing and research give attention to Buddhist contemplative techniques and first-person Tibetan life writings on consciousness and its transformations. He is the author of “Severing the Source of Fear: Contemplative Dynamics of the Tibetan Buddhist gCod Tradition.”