Written and Audio Resources on Chöd & Zhijé

Please browse the resources and links below. All these resources are from the presenters at the Chöd-Zhijé Conference July 12-16, 2017.

Sarah Harding

  • Free audio recording of The Eight Practice Lineages: Zhije & Chöd (See session 5 in particular). This session (#5) focuses on two connected lineages: the Zhije tradition of Padampa Sangye and Machik Lapdrön’s Chöd. This is an area of Sarah’s expertise, having translated Machik’s Complete Explanation and the volume on Chöd from The Treasury of Precious Instructions, while currently working on the Zhije volume. Here, she presents an overview of some of the most interesting aspects of each. [Click here]
  • Tsadra Foundation blog: “Pha Dampa Sangye and the Alphabet Goddess: A Preliminary Study of the Sources of the Zhije Tradition” [Click here]

Sangye Khandro

  • Free downloads of prayers and excerpts from books, many on the subject of Chöd/Troma and translated by Sangye and Lama Chonam. [Click here]
  • Teaching CDs and Troma Nagmo practice CDs, and translated Dudjom Chöd Practice texts. [Click here]

Michael Sheehy

  • Article on “Severing the Source of Fear: Contemplative Dynamics of the Tibetan Buddhist gCod Tradition” [Click here]

Sarah Jacoby

  • “Relational Autonomy in the Life of a Contemporary Tibetan Ḍākinī.” Revue d’Etudes Tibétaines 34, Décembre 2015. [Click here]
  • “The Excellent Path of Devotion: An Annotated Translation of Sera Khandro’s Short Autobiography,”in Himalayan Passages: Tibetan and Newar Studies in Honor of Hubert Decleer. Boston: Wisdom Publications, 2014. [Click here]
  • “To be or not to be Celibate: Morality and Consort Practices According to the Treasure Revealer Sera Khandro’s (1892-1940) Auto/biographical Writings.” In Sarah Jacoby and Antonio Terrone (eds), Buddhism beyond the Monastery: Tantric Practices and their Performers in Modern Tibet. Leiden: Brill, 2009. [Click here]
  • “‘This Inferior Female Body:’ Reflections on Life as a Treasure Revealer Through the Autobiographical Eyes of Se ra mkha’ ‘gro (Bde ba’i rdo rje, 1892-1940).” Journal of the International Association of Buddhist Studies. 32/1-2 (2009/2010): pp. 115-150. [Click here]
  • Audio Link: interview about her book Love and Liberation posted on the New Books in Buddhist Studies. [Click here]

Kunze Chimed

Alejandro Chaoul

  • Tricycle online article: “The Most Generous Cut: The Essentials of Chöd Practice”[Click here]

Dan Martin