Temple Ceiling Mandala Sponsorship

Lama Gyurme, a Tibetan artist trained at Mindroling monastery in central Tibet and who painted and designed all of the art in the Tara Mandala Temple, is continuing his work to complete the temple design.

Lama Gyurme will paint 29 individual Dzogchen Mandalas that will be hung covering the entire ceiling of the Temple shrine room (Nirmanakaya). The choice of these particular mandalas was made with Tulku Sang-ngag Rinpoche‘s guidance. This will be an extremely unique set of mandalas that can trigger ‘liberation through seeing’. These mandalas were in the original plans for the temple. Lama Tsultrim is very excited to start this next phase of making the temple truly a ‘liberation through seeing’ experience. Please see below for a design of the entire ceiling and close-ups of each mandala.

Lama Gyurme at Tara Mandala.

Each mandala will be painted by hand on canvas and then installed on the temple ceiling. The Mandala’s range in their complexity and can take between a few weeks and a few months to complete, thus the difference in sponsorship amount for each.

There is an opportunity to sponsor one or more of the Dzogchen mandalas and create a marvelous interdependent connection with Tara Mandala and the practices represented in the mandala. We welcome sponsorship dedications. Feel free to make dedications to a special individual, a cause or an aspiration near to your heart. You will receive a color image of the mandala you are sponsoring when completed as well as have your name and dedication listed in the temple in a book about the mandalas. If you are looking to make your sponsorship more cost-effective, we suggest organizing a group of sangha members in sponsoring one of the mandalas, and sharing in the experience with your group!

All donations made to Tara Mandala before Dec 31, 2017 will be double-matched by an anonymous donor. Click here for Frequently Asked Questions.

Sarva Mangalam (may all be auspicious)!
Tara Mandala

View Individual Mandalas Below

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1. Oral Transmission Dupa Do Mandala

2. Oral Transmission Peaceful Mandala

3. Mandala of Naraka Dhongdurl

4. Empowerment Mandala

5. Oral Transmission Peaceful Mandala

6. Mindrolling Vajrasattva

7. Guru Chowang Lama Sandu Mandala

8. Mindrolling Ruthful Padmasambhava Mandala

9. Rigzin Dupa

10. Khandro Nyintik Mandala

11. Chetsun Nyingtik Mandala

12. Tara Mandala

13. Khandro Kumga Bhum Mague Sanglam Mandala

14. White Tara Mandala

15. Pham Nyingtik Mandala

16. Tsokye Nyintik Mandala

17. Saraswati Mandala

18. Jomo Mamo Yangtar Khandro Sawang Kundu Mandala

19. Tikle Gyachen Mandala

20. Bema Nyingtik Mandala

21. Kungkong Lingpa Vajrasattva Mandala

22. Mandala of Eight deities

23. Karma Lingpa Zhitro Mandala

24. Vajravarahit Mandala

25. Amitayus Mandala

26. Vajra Yogini Mandala

27. Simhamukha Mandala

28. Rongsong PadmaKandro Rigche Mandala

29. LongNyig Dechen Gyalmo Mandala