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Living Dharma Volunteer 2018 – Come Join Us!

Tara Mandala is accepting applications for seasonal and year-round volunteer positions at our 700-acre retreat center nestled in the Colorado Rockies. Founded by Lama Tsultrim Allione as a hub for authentic Tibetan Buddhist study and practice, her own method of Feeding Your Demons® (developed from ancient Tibetan practice of Chöd,) the Mandala of the Empowered … More

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Aspects Of Drubchen: Blessings & Spiritual Accomplishments (siddhis)

Drubchen culminates in everyone receiving the ceremony’s Blessings and Spiritual Accomplishments (siddhis). On the last morning of the White Dakini Drubchen we wake up early and before dawn we offer tsog (ritual feast). In front of us is the physical mandala and the “siddhi house”, which contains all the ritual items and sacred siddhi substances. … More

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Aspects Of Drubchen – Fire Offering Rituals (jinseg)

The Fire Offering Rituals (jinseg) are an aspect of Drubchen that purify negativity and intensify enlightened activity. The White Dakini Drubchen begins by setting the boundaries, erecting the physical mandala, and beginning with the approach aspect of the sadhana practice. The physical Mandala we erect on the first day serves as an outer support for … More

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Aspects Of Drubchen: The Sixteen Offering Goddesses

The Sixteen Offering Goddesses is a beautiful aspect of the White Dakini Drubchen, performed to enact sublime offerings to all the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas. The primary goal of Drubchen (“The Great Accomplishment”) is to awaken the pure perception of this world as sacred, through creating an enlightened environment over the 10 days of practice. “The … More

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Announcing the Residence of Venerable Drüpon Lama Karma

We are happy to announce the upcoming residence of Venerable Drüpon Lama Karma (1954-) and Khandro Tshering from Bhutan at Tara Mandala, starting in the beginning of July. Lama Tsultrim met Drüpon Lama Karma at a Drubchen presided over by Tulku Sangngag Rinpoche, who is the Dharma heir of Pegyal Lingpa, in Siliguri, India in … More

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Support Tara Mandala On Amazon Smile

Support Tara Mandala Retreat Center when you Shop on You can donate to Tara Mandala when you shop on through Amazon Smile! If you set up Tara Mandala as your beneficiary charitable organization, Tara Mandala will receive 0.5% of all eligible Amazon Smile purchases, at no extra cost to you. To donate to … More

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Announcement – New Executive Director

Dear Friends of Tara Mandala, As many of you know, our interim Executive Director, Aly O’Desky, will be transitioning out of the ED role in October. We are deeply grateful for her two years of service at Tara Mandala during which time she has helped the organization immensely holding such roles as Assistant to the … More

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