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Dear Jetsünma Karma Tsültrim Chödrön

Emaho how wonderful! Dear Jetsünma Karma Tsültrim Chödrön, Mother of the Dakinis in the Western hemisphere It is a blessing to meet an emanation of Machig Labdrönma Not everyone will recognize her… depending on their own karma You have committed your life to collecting Machig’s words and relics, Now you are revealing and sharing her … More

Advice on Practice from the Lama: Extracted from The Wind Horse: Newsletter of Chagdud Gonpa: Summer 2001

Advice on Practice from the Lama     We are very fortunate to have this opportunity to come together and put the teachings that we have received into practice. In general, we hear teachings, then contemplate and meditate upon them. There is an appropriate time for listening, for contemplation, and for mediation. Now is the … More

In Praise of the Lama

In Praise of the Lama   I have been here ever since I left; watching the flying flowers of Tara Mandala flutter above the faces of their earth bound sisters. The red winged black bird still sways on slender reeds, his shrill cries announcing the interloper – rooted beings stretch to hear his voice.   … More

Thank you David for your bright light

Thank you David for your bright light… When I heard of your death I closed my eyes and felt your strong presence immediately, radiant and full of joy.  there was no reason to be sad for you; there was no doubt that you had found liberation.  I saw you riding your horse like a warrior, … More

Feeding Your Demons®

Tsultrim Allione brings an eleventh-century Tibetan woman’s practice to the West for the first time with FEEDING YOUR DEMONS®, an accessible and effective approach for dealing with negative emotions, fears, illness, and self-defeating patterns. Allione-one of only a few female Buddhist leaders in this country and comparable in American religious life to Pema Chodron-bridges this ancient … More

Women of Wisdom

WOMEN OF WISDOM by Tsultrim Allione is an exploration and celebration of the spiritual potential of women as exemplified by the lives of six Tibetan female mystics. These women achieved full illumination despite cultural prejudices and a host of other problems that male practitioners do not encounter, and their stories are an inspiration to everyone … More

Interview with Barbara Gates for Inquiring Mind November 2010

Elephant Bones: An Interview with Lama Tsultrim Allione In a delightful convergence of ancient wisdom and modern technology, Lama Tsultrim Allione spoke with Inquiring Mind via Skype from Darsedo, an historic border town in a steep valley surrounded by Himalyan peaks between eastern China and Tibet. Following the shocking death of her husband, David Petit, … More

Cemeteries for “Lunatics & Criminals” Chod Tour

Cemeteries for “Lunatics & Criminals” Chod Tour October 11, 2011   The first cemetery where I practiced Chod was located up on a hill somewhere between the Rainbow Ranch Retreat Center where Lama Tsultrim was giving the transmission, and the quaint, historic tourist town of Calistoga Springs, Ca. Electrified by the Chod transmission, in the … More

for david – 22 july 2011

by charlotte   there is so much space now where you were   and though I seem to see you everywhere a straw hat waiting by the door blue jeans and a white shirt out the corner of my eye a black backpack stuffed with letters to be mailed you are gone   there is … More

Lama Tsultrim Allione’s Recognition

  In May of 2007, Lama Tsultrim led a group pilgrimage to Nepal and Tibet to visit the sacred places of Machig Labdrön. Thirty-two people from Europe and United States traveled together, starting in Nepal. The journey felt like a continuous initiation rather than a journey. The high point of the trip occurred at Zangri Khangmar, Tibet, where Machig … More

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by Tsultrim Allione Sitting with doors open Fire blazing Rain arriving in loud hissing whispers Through the Ponderosas below my cabin I finish a long practice Light one candle And at that moment Coyotes howl From the hidden meadow Sky lightens with hidden full moon I rise Close the doors And prepare the feast Calling … More

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by Tsultrim Allione Mists blow in from Chimney Rock Spattering cold rain in my open doorway Cat turns on his back Stretches out burying deeper into blankets Resumes deep breathing Soft spotted belly Rises and falls Paws covering his eyes Finding another world  

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by Tsultrim Allione As if held together by an invisible thread Staying always equidistant Synchronized racing acrobats A pair of ravens shoot over my cabin Down into the hidden valley Up over the hills And off to Ekajati Peak Joy cutting the air Sharp whirs Steel gray skies Lightened by dawn pinks, like a blush … More

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by Tsultrim Allione Wakened by elk’s bugle Single, long, loud Followed by another, cutting the edge of dawn sky Then the coyotes follow squealing Down below In wild rose and antelope brush thickets As I call the Dakas and Dakinis To come with from space with their bells and drums The elk are coming through … More

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Witches New Year

by Tsultrim Allione I awoke to slate gray covering everything The world disappearing into mist As the sky lightened Haze settled into the valleys Dragons snaking over sagebrush, arroyos and the old pinon trees A lone cow, left behind in fall roundup, bellows Ekajati Peak brown now Fall colors leached out by night rain Feed … More

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Buddhism & Native American Practices

Interview with Lorain Fox Davis and Lama Tsultrim Allione on CONNECTIONS BETWEEN BUDDHISM AND NATIVE AMERICAN PRACTICES (originally appeared in Inquiring Mind;   TSULTRIM I’ve always felt it’s crucial for American Buddhists to relate to the spirits of this new homeland of dharma. It was not until Padmasambhava had connected with the local spirits of … More

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On Mothering

On Mothering: An Interview with Tsultrim Allione   How did you end up choosing Pagosa for your location to start Tara Mandala? Since age 22 I had had a vision to create a retreat center in America with conditions that were similar to those in Tibet, that is, conditions of quiet and the elements in … More

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by Tsultrim Allione We all have a soft spot, a tender heart, somewhere. That soft spot is the door to our true essence, intrinsic awareness. It is this naked tender heart that leads us to enlightenment. If we didn’t already have it in us, we couldn’t activate it. If we don’t have the seed we … More

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