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Feeding Your Demons®

Tsultrim Allione brings an eleventh-century Tibetan woman’s practice to the West for the first time with FEEDING YOUR DEMONS®, an accessible and effective approach for dealing with negative emotions, fears, illness, and self-defeating patterns. Allione-one of only a few female Buddhist leaders in this country and comparable in American religious life to Pema Chodron-bridges this ancient … More

Women of Wisdom

WOMEN OF WISDOM by Tsultrim Allione is an exploration and celebration of the spiritual potential of women as exemplified by the lives of six Tibetan female mystics. These women achieved full illumination despite cultural prejudices and a host of other problems that male practitioners do not encounter, and their stories are an inspiration to everyone … More

Cemeteries for “Lunatics & Criminals” Chod Tour

Cemeteries for “Lunatics & Criminals” Chod Tour October 11, 2011   The first cemetery where I practiced Chod was located up on a hill somewhere between the Rainbow Ranch Retreat Center where Lama Tsultrim was giving the transmission, and the quaint, historic tourist town of Calistoga Springs, Ca. Electrified by the Chod transmission, in the … More

Lama Tsultrim Allione’s Recognition

  In May of 2007, Lama Tsultrim led a group pilgrimage to Nepal and Tibet to visit the sacred places of Machig Labdrön. Thirty-two people from Europe and United States traveled together, starting in Nepal. The journey felt like a continuous initiation rather than a journey. The high point of the trip occurred at Zangri Khangmar, Tibet, where Machig … More

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Buddhism & Native American Practices

Interview with Lorain Fox Davis and Lama Tsultrim Allione on CONNECTIONS BETWEEN BUDDHISM AND NATIVE AMERICAN PRACTICES (originally appeared in Inquiring Mind;   TSULTRIM I’ve always felt it’s crucial for American Buddhists to relate to the spirits of this new homeland of dharma. It was not until Padmasambhava had connected with the local spirits of … More

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by Tsultrim Allione We all have a soft spot, a tender heart, somewhere. That soft spot is the door to our true essence, intrinsic awareness. It is this naked tender heart that leads us to enlightenment. If we didn’t already have it in us, we couldn’t activate it. If we don’t have the seed we … More

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