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Dear Jetsünma Karma Tsültrim Chödrön

Emaho how wonderful! Dear Jetsünma Karma Tsültrim Chödrön, Mother of the Dakinis in the Western hemisphere It is a blessing to meet an emanation of Machig Labdrönma Not everyone will recognize her… depending on their own karma You have committed your life to collecting Machig’s words and relics, Now you are revealing and sharing her … More

In Praise of the Lama

In Praise of the Lama   I have been here ever since I left; watching the flying flowers of Tara Mandala flutter above the faces of their earth bound sisters. The red winged black bird still sways on slender reeds, his shrill cries announcing the interloper – rooted beings stretch to hear his voice.   … More

Thank you David for your bright light

Thank you David for your bright light… When I heard of your death I closed my eyes and felt your strong presence immediately, radiant and full of joy.  there was no reason to be sad for you; there was no doubt that you had found liberation.  I saw you riding your horse like a warrior, … More

for david – 22 july 2011

by charlotte   there is so much space now where you were   and though I seem to see you everywhere a straw hat waiting by the door blue jeans and a white shirt out the corner of my eye a black backpack stuffed with letters to be mailed you are gone   there is … More