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Dear Jetsünma Karma Tsültrim Chödrön

Emaho how wonderful! Dear Jetsünma Karma Tsültrim Chödrön, Mother of the Dakinis in the Western hemisphere It is a blessing to meet an emanation of Machig Labdrönma Not everyone will recognize her… depending on their own karma You have committed your life to collecting Machig’s words and relics, Now you are revealing and sharing her … More

Advice on Practice from the Lama: Extracted from The Wind Horse: Newsletter of Chagdud Gonpa: Summer 2001

Advice on Practice from the Lama     We are very fortunate to have this opportunity to come together and put the teachings that we have received into practice. In general, we hear teachings, then contemplate and meditate upon them. There is an appropriate time for listening, for contemplation, and for mediation. Now is the … More

Cemeteries for “Lunatics & Criminals” Chod Tour

Cemeteries for “Lunatics & Criminals” Chod Tour October 11, 2011   The first cemetery where I practiced Chod was located up on a hill somewhere between the Rainbow Ranch Retreat Center where Lama Tsultrim was giving the transmission, and the quaint, historic tourist town of Calistoga Springs, Ca. Electrified by the Chod transmission, in the … More


by Tsultrim Allione We all have a soft spot, a tender heart, somewhere. That soft spot is the door to our true essence, intrinsic awareness. It is this naked tender heart that leads us to enlightenment. If we didn’t already have it in us, we couldn’t activate it. If we don’t have the seed we … More

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