Dear Jetsünma Karma Tsültrim Chödrön

how wonderful!

Dear Jetsünma
Karma Tsültrim Chödrön,

Mother of the Dakinis in the Western hemisphere

It is a blessing to meet an emanation of Machig Labdrönma
Not everyone will recognize her… depending on their own karma

You have committed your life to collecting Machig’s words and relics,
Now you are revealing and sharing her treasuries

How fortunate we are to receive these pith instructions
coming from this direct lineage…

You are pointing out the nature of mind
You are transmitting the meaning of the Mother

Encouraging is your determination to follow your life vision
of finding the female lineage

You are revealing the sacred feminine
so that it may be reestablished in this world

No matter what came up during your search for Machig’s heritage
You took upon yourself all kinds of hardships to follow your quest

You have watched your dreams and listened to the songs of the dakinis
Now you are translating their secret language and message for us

Thank you so much for your precious teachings
Your insights and experiences are inspiring for us

Supreme Dharma Light of Discipline
Please remain with us, turning the wheel of Dharma

Supreme Dharma Light of Discipline
Please bestow the empowerment of the White Dakini

Supreme Dharma Light of Discipline
Please kindle the light within our hearts and minds with your flame

Supreme Dharma Light of Discipline
Please guide us to liberation
to the land of the dakinis
to the radience-emptiness
to the ground of being
to the Great Mother

May we meet again and again
May we never be separate


8th June 2012,
during the „Machig Labdrön/Opening the Gate to Space“ retreat