2012 Annual Report

Tara Mandala Mission Statement

“Tara Mandala is a Tantric Buddhist community operating on the principles of the union of skillful means and wisdom,  the balance of the masculine and feminine, with a focus on the divine feminine and the lineage of Machig Labdrön and Dzogchen”.   Lama Tsultrim Allione

It is our intention to offer teachings, practice, study, and deep retreat opportunities, anchored in authentic lineages of Buddhism and innate wisdom traditions, to honor the sacred feminine, bring balance into the world of the masculine and the feminine, and nurture  a complete path to ultimate realization for all beings.


Three Year Retreats Accomplished!

In June, Beth Lee-Herbert and Jampa Dorje completed their three year retreats.  They were welcomed back into the world with a Tsog celebration led by Sang-nag Rinpoche.  Many friends and family attended the celebration.

A New Tradition – Three Yana Retreat Offering

We offered, for the first time, the Three Yana Retreat to all the Living Dharma Volunteers during the month of June.  This was an auspicious development in the offering of the Dharma and brought the grown children of several first generation Sangha members to Tara Mandala for the summer.  A profound heart connection was generated  with each individual that will be long felt and remembered by Lama Tsultrim and the Staff.

Chöd Empowerment

His Holiness 17th Gyalwang Karmapa

After a full summer, Lama Tsultrim led a month long practice pilgrimage to scared sites in India.  The pilgrimage culminated with a Chöd Empowerment and teachings by His Holiness Karmapa at the request of Lama Tsultrim.  The event brought international support and was an blessing filled success, bringing Anis from around the world to attend the three-day event.

Completed Capital Projects 2012

Entry Gate to Tara Mandala was erected. Lama Gyurme traveled from Santa Fe NM and stayed at Tara Mandala while he painted the gate. Nearly complete, the gate currently awaits a roof.

Stones were gathered from around the land and brought to Prayer Flag Ridge for the final phase of construction of David Petit’s memorial shrine.  Our Living Dharma Volunteers worked tirelessly to complete the task with the assistance of our land and garden crew leaders as well as close friends of David’s from Trujillo. With a Sang Offering, the memorial was dedicated to our founding father. As retreat season closed in the Fall, tulips were planted around the memorial

Preparations for Tara Statue consecration began with the gathering of Juniper.  Heartfelt thanks to everyone who donated jewelry, coins, and other precious items
The Machig Statue for the temple alter has been commissioned and is due to arrive at the end of March 2013

Basic Survival

At a basic level, we accomplished the harvesting of wood for our winter heating requirements, built a new resident wood shed, built a new outhouse, and moved an existing outhouse.

We graveled and graded areas of our road that needed attention,  had a number of pluming repairs done, serviced our heat and hot water boilers, repaired one of our older well pumps, purchased a new snow plow blade and feet.  Did some servicing on our water hauling equipment in preparation for another dry summer, replaced many burnt-out light bulbs, and purchased a small deck snow blower for our Temple second floor deck to save the backs of our residents and volunteers.

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