Prayers Requests and Sponsorships

Untitled-6Prayer Requests

At Tara Mandala, each day we engage in dharma practice and prayers as a community.  Prayer requests are honored at the beginning of each puja. We meditate and send blessings to those who are ill and/or dying.  You can join us in the interdependent connection by entering your prayer request below.

To make our prayers more focused, please include the full name and location of who the prayer request is dedicated to.

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Butterlamp_Shrine_imageButterlamp Sponsorship

Butter Lamp Offerings Mar Me (Butter Fire): Offering a butter lamp or many butter lamps (sometimes 100,000 are offered) is deeply ingrained in the Tibetan tradition. Perhaps the easiest way to explain it is as a way to think quite simply they ‘make light.’ Lamps can be offered when starting a new venture, to celebrate a birthday, anniversary or graduation, to say thank you, to pray, to make an offering to a temple or statue or when someone you know or yourself is in trouble. Offer butter lamps whenever you feel there is a need for more light in one way or another. In Tibet butter was what was used to make light quite literally and it was an expression of richness in a culture with sparse resources and very limited agricultural production. When making butter lamp offerings if you wish include what you are sponsoring the butter lamps for and it will be read at our weekly Tsog (tantric feast offering).

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TM vast skyZhitro, Prayers for the Deceased

The Zhitro practice is a powerful method of assisting our deceased loved ones in a most meaningful way, by blessing the mind of the decreased and assisting the decreased towards a fortunate rebirth.  The guidance and instructions, the blessings and purification that are integral to the Zhitro practice are each of immeasurable benefit to the deceased.  The nuns of Tara Mandala can perform the Zhitro practice dedicated to your loved one each day for a period of forty-nine days, the traditional period for this practice. The Zhitro performed by dedicated and loving practitioners can have powerful effects for both the deceased and those who support the practice.

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tsogTsog Sponsorship

The Sanskrit word for tsog practice is ganachakra, which in Tibetan is tsog kyi khorlo. The word tsog means ‘an accumulation’ or ‘a gathering’, ‘an assembly or group’, and the word khorlo literally means ‘wheel.’ So the literal translation is something like ‘wheel of accumulation.’ In general one of the most important activities of a practitioner is to gather (tsog) merit. The gathering of offering of food and drink and incense and so on has been transformed into a feast ceremony which we perforn four times a month at Tara Mandala. The community alternates between Green Tara and Tsogyel Karmo (White Dakini) tsog practices. It is possible to become a sponsor of a tsog with an offering of $500-$1000 or more, You can offer in the name of a beloved, the deceased, for any special occasion, for long life, to make auspicious any new endeavor or any completion, you can also simply offer for tsog. Your name will be announced along with what you are dedicating the tsog for at the tsog practice unless otherwise specified.

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