2012 Financials

2012 Income

2012 Revenue and Donations Total $860,020


Operating Funds

These funds are comprised of Sustaining Sangha memberships, raffles, and other miscellaneous donations – These funds are unrestricted in nature meaning they are intended for use as needed.

Program Funds

Our program funds are “temporarily restricted” and consist of retreat payment fees for all Tara Mandala retreats or events – 49% of our program fees are held in reserve until 30 days prior to the retreat start date to ensure adequate reserves.

Capital Donations

Our Capital donations are “temporarily restricted” funds and include Tara Thangka, Tara Statue and other specific capital campaign donations

Note: Temporarily restricted funds are funds that are held outside of our operating account and are not utilized until such time as the circumstances take place for which the funds have been designated.

Going into 2013 we had a balance of $17,408 remaining in our capital account

David Petit Fund

These funds are “Permanently Restricted” Funds intended for investment to sustain Tara Mandala operations over the long term.  Currently the balance is not adequate enough to produce a substantial return on our deposit.

Note: Permanently restricted funds are invested and it is the interest only portion of the investment that can ever be used for the purpose intended.

Maintenance Fund

Our generous maintenance donors are providing funding specifically for land and facilities maintenance excluding landscaping and vehicle repairs.

We save 3% of all maintenance fund donations and matching for the future care and upkeep of Tara Mandala

Cabin Funds

Our cabin funds are generated by long term solo retreatants and support retreatant care and cabin supplies


2012 Expense Total $839,033

2012 Expense Total $839,033


Operating and Programs

84% of our expenses sustain our programs and program services, with 10% of our overall expenses being attributed to capital projects in 2012 and 6% to maintenance.

  • Operating costs include our finance office, donor management, volunteer recruiting, and our maintenance staff
  • Programs include our registration, program marketing, retreat management, kitchen and temple staff
  • Our maintenance costs indirectly support the continuation of our programs but are not included in the 84% reported