Make A Connection With The White Dakini Drubchen

Make A Connection With The White Dakini Drubchen

Connect with the White Dakini Drubchen. Offer Flowers, Butter Lamps, or Sponsor Tsog

For those of you who cannot attend the White Dakini Drubchen (and those who can!), we offer a number of opportunities to connect with this precious practice. We are grateful for all your valuable contributions!

Offer Flowers

Offer Butter Lamps

Sponsor Tsog

White Dakini Drubchen celebrations

Opportunities to Connect with Drubchen

•  Offer Flowers: We will offer fresh and colorful flowers to all the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas. We invite you to share in this meritorious offering rich with abundant qualities of design, color, fragrance, and soft touch. One flower offering is $108. To offer Flowers, click here.

•  Offer Butterlamps: Hundreds of Butterlamps will be lit daily and can be offered for $1 each. The names of butterlamp and tsog sponsors will be read everyday along with any dedications. To sponsor Butterlamps, click here.

•  Sponsor a Tsog: Tsog, one of the most effective methods for the accumulation of merit and the unfolding of timeless awareness, involves the offering of food, alcohol, butter lamps, flowers, and other substances. You can sponsor one of the large daily tsogs in someones name or for a specific cause (such as world peace, etc) for a minimum of $1000. You can also partially sponsor a tsog with any amount. To sponsor a Tsog, click here.

You can meditate from any location and attune to the Drubchen, if you know the White Dakini practice you can perform that or any other meditation.

Making an offering to the Drubchen with pure motivation can create boundless merit that will benefit you and all beings connected to you in this and future lives. To register for this precious event, please click on the links below.

~ With Blessings, Tara Mandala