Explore the World of Sacred Tibetan Art

Sacred Tibetan Art Retreat

Explore the world of traditional Tibetan art and the sacred methods in creating a Tibetan Thangka.

Have you ever admired a Tibetan Thangka and wondered about its magic and mystery? Lama Gyurme Rabje will teach the Sacred Tibetan Art Retreat on the weekend of May 24-27, shedding light on this topic. A retreat for broadening one’s relationship with Tibetan Buddhist symbolism and practice, developing one’s skill in drawing and painting, and for those curious about the tradition of Tibetan Sacred Art.

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Thangkas are used in Tibetan Buddhism to help practitioners develop their visualization and meditation. With many practices based on embodying a deity (or deities) with enlightened qualities, the visual guidance and sacred power that is invested into Thangkas make them an invaluable medium assisting the path to enlightenment. Thangka creation in itself is a ritualistic and liberative process that the artist undertakes and thus brings benefit to all those who see it.

Lama Gyurme at Tara Mandala.

Lama Gyurme at Tara Mandala.

Tibetan master artist Lama Gyurme, who painted the beautiful murals in Tara Mandala’s Trikaya Tara Temple, will teach the origin of Tibet’s Sacred Art and give lessons on how to draw and paint Tibetan Thangkas as a beginner. He will teach how to draw the Buddha and various Deities, how to properly use the paintbrush, and if time permits, he will explain how to make your own Thangka canvas. Lama Gyurme will also give an overview of consecration rituals for Thangkas.

All art supplies will be provided and are included in the retreat price. This retreat is open to all.

5 Dakini Mandala Thangka Lama Gyurme painted for Tara Mandala

5 Dakini Mandala Thangka Lama Gyurme painted for Tara Mandala.

About Lama Gyurme

Lama Gyurme Rabje

Master painter and craftsman Lama Gyurme was born in Tanay, Tibet in 1969. His family sent him to the Mindroling monastery upon the invitation of the head monk to study painting and traditional arts when he was 15. Gyurme’s first teacher was from Kham (Guangzhou) located in Eastern Tibet. After initial study, he went to live with his principal teacher Lama Tsekyab in order to fully absorb the rich tradition of Tibetan painting, of which his teacher was master. The famous paintings of Korkyim Monastery were created by his teacher, during the period when Tibetans were once again allowed to worship and rebuild their temples and monasteries. … More →

We look forward to welcoming you for this unique experience in learning, creating, and meditation.
With Blessings, Tara Mandala