12th Tara: Tashi Dönjé – Mantra Recitation For Timely Seasons

12th Tara: Tashi Dönjé - Mantra Recitation For Tropical Storm Harvey

With the fires devastating California right now, Tara Mandala continue the call to practice with the 12th Tara Tashi Dönjé.

CALL TO PRACTICE: The fires are still burning! Please do the mantra of the “Climate Change” Tara Tashi Dönjé to end the wildfires dramatically effecting California and to protect those facing the fires, relieve the suffering of those who have lost their homes and the animals dying in the fires. Perform the practice of the 12th Tara Tashi Dönjé who accomplishes Auspiciousness, Brings Timely Seasons, and Brings Harmony to the Land. Her mantra is:


How? Visualize yourself as the golden colored Tashi Dönjé hovering over California raining down blessings as water, and those blessing spreading to the entire world.

She is showering a rain of auspicious symbols removing the poison of inauspicious circumstances, thus establishing the entire world and beings in perfect balance. Peaceful, her diadem is a crescent moon, literally “a piece of moon”. Her body is blazing with brilliant white light. She holds the knot of infinity on the utpala lotus flower in her left hand, and her right hand is stretched out on her right knee in the bestowing blessings mudra. She wears a crescent crown surmounted by Buddha Amitabha.

All photos of the 12th Tara at Tara Mandala by Alan Kozlowski.

Over a month ago Tara Mandala announced a call to practice with the 12th Tara Tashi Dönjé, to bring about positive changes from the hurricanes in Texas, Florida and the Carribean, the earthquake in Mexico, and flooding in Bangladesh, India and Nepal. Let’s continue this practice to help the situation in California.

Please post the mantras you accumulate in the COMMENTS of the Facebook post at this link, with the hashtag #cafire. Of if you cannot post to Facebook, please email your accumulations to news@taramandala.org. If you gather in groups you can add the collective numbers. The Tara Mandala community will be accumulating recitations with you. As a global community lets do it, with your friends, your kids, or by yourself. We will add them up and continue to pray. Please also share this!

~ With Blessings,
Lama Tsultrim Allione and the Tara Mandala Family.


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