Sponsor and make a connection with the White Dakini Drubchen

Connect With The White Dakini Drubchen: August 5-16, 2017

Connect with the White Dakini Drubchen by either sponsoring a Tsog, Butterlamp offerings, or through the Ceremony For The Deceased.

We hope you enjoyed our “Aspects Of Drubchen” Series. With the White Dakini Drubchen underway at Tara Mandala, ways to make a connection with this Drubchen may involve either an offering or sponsoring. We are grateful for all your valuable contributions!

During Drubchen we will be having a Ceremony For The Deceased. This ritual benefits the deceased by invoking their consciousness and reducing their fear and suffering. If you want to include anyone who has departed (recently or otherwise) in our practice, this is an opportunity. For those who are coming to Drubchen, we encourage you to bring ashes of those who are deceased (1/2 a cup or less) to include in the Ceremony. For everyone making a request, please include the name of the deceased, a photo if you wish, their date of death, and a donation of any size.

Opportunities to Connect with Drubchen:

• Sponsor the White Dakini Drubchen: General sponsorships can made to the White Dakini Drubchen. To sponsor Drubchen, click here.

• Sponsor a Tsog: Tsog, one of the most effective methods for the accumulation of merit and the unfolding of timeless awareness, involves the offering of food, alcohol, butter lamps, flowers, and other substances. You can sponsor one of the large daily tsogs in someones name or for a specific cause (such as world peace, etc) for a minimum of $1000. You can also partially sponsor a tsog with any amount. To sponsor a Tsog, click here.

• Offer Butterlamps: Hundreds of Butterlamps will be lit daily and can be offered for $1 each. The names of butterlamp and tsog sponsors will be read everyday along with any dedications. To sponsor Butterlamps, click here.

• Offering for Ceremony for the Deceased: A suggested minimum donation is $30. Please submit your requests by Monday, August 14, but the earlier you can do this, the better. Thank you. To sponsor the Ceremony for the Deceased, click here

• Volunteer! We offer volunteer opportunities at Drubchen in the following areas: Kitchen, Land & Facilities, Event Logistics, Tea Service, and Housekeeping. For more, click here.

• You can meditate from any location and attune to the Drubchen, if you know the White Dakini practice you can perform that or any other meditation.

Making an offering to the Drubchen with pure motivation can create boundless merit that will benefit you and all beings connected to you in this and future lives.

May all beings benefit,
Tara Mandala

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