Jan 8 – Open Webcast Transmission and Q&A with Lama Tsultrim Allione

On Sunday, January 8th at 11am MST Lama Tsultrim Allione will offer our Open Webcast Transmission and Q&A event. During this one-hour LIVE webcast, she will answer questions from our global sangha and offer the Oral Transmission (rLung) for three of the core practices in the Tara Mandala community:

  • The practice of Green Tara from the Ösel Dorje Sangdzö.
  • The practice of Riwo Sangchöd from the Rigdzin Sogdrub.
  • The Chöd practice of Chögyal Namkha’i Norbu Rinpoche.
Lama Tsultrim Allione
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25% OFF any Chöd drum when you sign-up for the Open Webcast transmission on January 8th, 2017.

Transmission from teacher to student is one of the cornerstones of Tibetan Buddhism, maintaining a direct, unbroken Dharma lineage from the time of the Buddha. The blessings of the lineage masters are passed along to the student with the authorization to engage in the practice, creating the auspicious interdependence necessary for authentic accomplishments to ripen. As such, to receive any kind of transmission from an authorized lineage holder should be treated as a very special and sacred occurrence. In ancient times, notice of such events would be shared discreetly through secret language about traversing the paths. Today, we are blessed with the ability to benefit countless beings through the interconnectivity of the “cyberdhatu”. We ask that only those with a sincere interest in studying and engaging in the practice of the above teachings attend the transmission in order to maintain continuity and respect for the lineage.

Once you receive transmission, you will be authorized to access explanatory teachings (Tri) on these practices and to do them on your own. Tara Mandala Online currently offers cutting-edge online programs to guide students in detail through each of the three practices. If you register BEFORE 31 JANUARY, 2017 you will receive 15% OFF any Chöd drum in the Tara Mandala Online Store*. AS WELL AS 10% OFF ANY OF THE THREE ONLINE PROGRAMS. Click here to visit the Store.

For personal guidance in your area, you can contact a local Tara Mandala Satellite Sangha. Tara Mandala holds retreats on our 700-acre land beginning in May. For a deeper connection to the lineage and in person retreat opportunities, please be sure to check out Tara Mandala Retreat Center’s schedule  for our our onsite offerings.

There is no charge for this transmission event, though you will have an opportunity to make a DONATION to Tara Mandala Online Programs to cover operating and administrative costs, and to offer dana directly to Lama Tsultrim (please click on this link to offer dana to Lama Tsultrim). Both of these donations are optional, and NOONE will be turned away for lack of funds. 

Please send all Q&A questions for Lama Tsultrim to ulli@taramandala.org by 5pm MT, Friday Jan 6. For inquires about this webcast, you can contact Jocelyn Meli at joss@taramandala.org. If you are in need of technical assistance, please contact support@taramandala.org

We hope you can join us for this special offering!

Many Blessings,
Erik Jampa Andersson

Head of Online Programs

(*15% off Chöd drums offer and 10% off the Online Programs Green Tara, Riwo Sangchöd and Chöd expires January 31, 2017. Cannot be combined with other offers, including Sustaining Sangha discounts. Limit one per user.)

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