CALL TO PRACTICE: 8th Tara – Zhen Migyalwa’i

Dear Friends,

Last week one of the residents at Tara Mandala told us that her daughter who lives in NYC was sexually harassed twice by two different men and told by one of the men, 'I can grab your p…y now, it's legal.' She no longer feels safe and feels even more afraid for minority women. With the election results and what this means for our future, for women, the environment, minorities, LGBT, and so much more, as well as bearing witness to what is happening at Standing Rock, I asked myself what can we do? Then I remember Tara. She is a powerful compassionate activist.

8th Tara photos from Tara Mandala by Alan Kozlowski.

So we have launched an online campaign with the 8th TARA ZHEN MIGYALWA'I. She is the Invincible Heroine, Destroying Criticism and Harm. Upon the Utpala flower at her left ear is a vajra, blazing with fire and sparks. She is wrathful and dark-red in color. Her compassion is as swift as lightning, hot, jagged rays of light radiate from her and the vajra, completely burning, scattering and destroying the demons, disturbing emotions, those who make arguments, lawsuits and other troubles. She manifests the form of the Extremely Terrifying Lady in order to destroy delusion while never leaving the peace of basic space. She is ablaze with masses of wisdom fire. She completely destroys all the hosts of enemies and obstructing forces. Emotional and cognitive obscurations posing obstacles to liberation and omniscience are completely destroyed.

Her mantra is:

You can participate by visualizing yourself as the dark red ZHEN MIGYALWA'I, as you say the mantra either silently or out loud, direct her powerful energy to the forces of negativity and destruction of the environment. See a swift positive resolution at Standing Rock, sane choices in government and wise action that promotes love, collaboration and mutual respect. See an end to hatred and violence, healing the wounds of classism, sexism and racism.

Generally we think of Tara as peaceful, but she also has fierce aspects that manifest when needed. Please keep your focus strong like a laser. We need to mobilize. I know there are many troubled places in the world but let’s focus on the United States now and how what is happening here reverberates around the world. We need to mobilize.

Please post the mantras you accumulate in the COMMENTS on this Facebook post, on the Lama Tsultrim Facebook page. We will add them up and post them…the Tara Mandala community will be accumulating recitations with you. I believe this can be effective. Our stop the war in Syria campaign has gone to over half a million mantras, so please keep that going as well. And thank you to everyone who shares and participates in this CALL TO PRACTICE.

With Appreciation,
Lama Tsultrim Allione

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