Tara Mandala YouTube Channel – 21 Videos for 21 Taras

Tara Mandala YouTube Channel –
21 Videos for 21 Taras.

During this Summer, Tara Mandala hosted some incredible retreats that were taught by Lama Tsultrim Allione. Those who were fortunate to attend experienced some very moving and fascinating teachings. Now we present to you twenty-one videos of these teachings in a series called “21 Videos for 21 Taras”.

These precious gifts also celebrate the launching of our YouTube channel. We invite you to join us on YouTube! Please click on the link below, and tune in often to receive a teaching. Also stay up to date on our Facebook page, as each week we will present one of the twenty-one videos.

The Tara Mandala Audio/Visual department meticulously selected and edited these videos to create something that is truly beautiful. We hope that you receive as much enjoyment and inspiration from these videos as we have in presenting them to you.

Blessings on your path,
Tara Mandala

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