Facility Rental

Tara Mandala encompasses 700 beautiful acres in the wilderness of Southern Colorado.  Along with our annual retreat programs, the facilities are ideal for group events such as weddings and reunions.  Rentals can be booked in advance by contacting our Program Director at: programs@taramandala.org

The Facility includes the Community Building, the Kitchen, the Bookstore, the Residence Hall, the Temple, the Gompa, the Stupa and the land.


Community Building & Dining Hall

The community building has 3 restrooms available for public use.  There are men’s and women’s bathrooms with 1 shower and 1 bathtub each for use by campers, retreatants and staff.  The indoor dining hall can accommodate 50 people. Covered outdoor dining is also available with no maximum during summer months.




The Bookstore

The Dakini Bookstore is located in the Community Building.  It offers a selection of meditation books and practice items, audio teachings, cards, clothing, jewelry, herbal tinctures, body care and toiletries.






Residence Hall

The residence hall is 2 stories and has 19 rooms, each with a private sink.  There are 4 rooms with Queen beds and a semi-private bath.  There are 2 showers and 1 bathtub on each floor for common use.  The residence hall can sleep a 34 people (one person per bed) and up to 39 people (with two people per Queen).  There are 5 Queen Double rooms, 13 Twin Single rooms and 1 Twin Triple room.  Coin Laundry facilities are available on site in the laundry room.



The Temple

The Tara Temple has three floors; the main temple hall (1st floor), the library, lounge and offices (2nd floor) and the meditation room (3rd floor).  Please schedule in advance the use of these spaces so we can accommodate accordingly.





The Stupa

The Stupa is located outdoors and can be used for teachings, ceremonies, walking meditation, circumambulation and contemplation.






The Land

Camping is available on the land. There is no maximum number for campers.  Campers must abide by the camping regulations set forth by Tara Mandala and the Forest Service.  The land is 700 acres available for walking and hiking.



The Kitchen

The commercial kitchen can be used by caterers for events if approved ahead of time for use.

Please understand, the Tara Temple, the Gompa, the Stupa and the land are regarded as sacred spaces and we request they are respected accordingly.