Nawang Khechog

Nawang Khechog is the first Tibetan Grammy nominee and the most renowned Tibetan flutist in the world. He has won multiple awards from several countries, and is one of Tibet’s foremost world music composers. Nawang was a monk for 11 years and studied Buddhist philosophy and meditation with His Holiness the Dalai Lama. He aims to utilize music as a means to inspire non-violence, compassion and spirituality and for the the freedom of Tibetan people. Nawang has produced over eight albums by himself, and he and R. Carlos Nakai have recorded “Winds of Devotion,” “In A Distant Place,” and “Music as Medicine.”


Events with Nawang Khechog

R. Carlos Nakai and Nawang Khechog in Concert
July 8, 2017

Join us for an inspiring evening with Grammy-nominated Native American flutist R. Carlos Nakai in the Tara Mandala Temple. He is the premier performer of the traditional Native American flute, with over 1 million copies sold of his platinum album Canyon Trilogy. His firm footing in traditional music is complemented…