2017 Double Matching Campaign


2017 Double Matching Campaign
Lama Tsultrim Allione and Pema Chödrön

Last Saturday (July 29) Tara Mandala ushered in the 2017 Double Matching Campaign with a magical benefit featuring Pema Chödrön and Krishna Das.

Announcing our 2017 Double Matching Campaign – the second and final year of matching campaigns. As a way to honor Lama Tsultrim Allione’s 70th Birthday, a generous anonymous donor has offered to double match every dollar donated to this campaign until Dec 31, 2017. Our goal is to raise a total of $250,000 that would in turn become $750,000 to support various projects at Tara Mandala which serve the needs of our global Sangha. Last year, we met our goal of $250,000 and this year we hope to do the same and generate much benefit to the Sangha and our activities. Thank you for your tremendous generosity!

Last week we celebrated the launch of this precious gift with an incredible benefit, featuring an afternoon tea with Pema Chödrön and evening concert with Krishna Das. Today we are excited to launch this campaign to you, our global Sangha. This year every dollar will be double matched and will include inkind donations as well! With this being the final matching campaign, it is an incredible opportunity to have any donation, large or small, vastly increase its benefit to Tara Mandala and the Dharma. For example, your gift of $100 will become $300!

Last year’s gift contributed to:
• The building of an additional residential cottage.
• Repairs to the Temple roof and sealing of the floors.
• Installing Temple boilers for heating.
• Water System Improvement.

Photos (from left to right): Residential Cottage, Installing Temple Boilers for Heating, Temple Roofing & Sealing of Floors.

There are two main avenues to assist:
1. Make a one-time donation of $21, $108, $500, $1008 or more that will go to fund Capital projects which develop our infrastructure as described below.
2. Consider increasing your Sustaining Sangha membership by $7, $21, $54, or $108 per month to fuel Operations – the day-to-day functioning of the organization. Any amount helps us get to our goal of $750,000!


With the support of many of you, Tara Mandala has grown over the past 24-years into a vibrant community of authentic Buddhist practice in the West and a power center of the enlightened feminine. The 2017 Double Matching Campaign will raise funds with the focus to support sustainability for both Capital and Operating projects. The Capital Projects focus on improvements and repairs to the infrastructure and buildings that allow Tara Mandala to be a thriving retreat center. Projects include:

• New residential housing and improvements to existing housing.
• Two new solitary retreat cabins.
• Further water systems improvements including a reverse osmosis filtering system.
• A Feeding Your Demons clinical trial.
• Construction of the Cremation Ground.
• Technology updates, including internet access projects.
• Phase one of “Upaya” Residence Hall which will include more single rooms, treatment rooms for massage and acupuncture, and residential apartments.

With 60% of our annual income coming from retreats and online programs, annual donations to Tara Mandala are the life-blood of the organization and directly support the daily dharma activity we so love and cherish.

Your generous contribution to this Double Match Campaign for Sustainability is what allows Tara Mandala to be a year-round retreat center, a repository for wisdom literature, a center for translation, a beacon for the feminine in Buddhism, and a refuge for deep practice and transformation.

Thank you for considering a gift at this time.

Yours In the Dharma,
Bridget Bailey

President of the Board of Trustees
Tara Mandala Retreat Center

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